Apache MPM option

Upgraded to Apache 2.2.25 from 2.2.23 and now the mpm_event module is locking up similar to this bug:


scoreboard is full, not at MaxRequestWorkers.Increase ServerLimit.

Trying to adjust Serverlimit and other mpm_event settings but so far no luck.

I run the NGINX in front of Apache with PHP-FPM connecting from Apache. Can I change the Apache build to "worker"? Instructions say…


apache_mpm – this option is used to choose the MPM (Multi-Processing Module) of Apache. MPM is chosen during "./build apache". Possible values: prefork, event, auto (default: auto). Auto option selects "Event" MPM if mod_php is not chosen as php1_mode or php2_mode, otherwise "Prefork" MPM is set.

But I want "worker" module instead of event (auto). Which option do I use?