Which version of Exim is SpamBlocker compatible with?

Or more specifically, what’s the last version of Exim known to be 100% compatible with Spamblocker? Is the very latest version compatible (with a little gentle manual compiling) or does the latest version bring changes not yet compatible with the most recent version of spamblocker?

I’m running Exim 4.69 on our VPS but I note that it’s currently at 4.80.1; the codebase has also undergone some fairly significant changes apparently but DA devs haven’t provided an out-of-the-box working build for custombuild (I’ve tried to make it with ./build exim and the make fails).

If I manually make the latest stable exim from the source, as discussed on this forum, will custombuild still work ok? Has anyone experimented with spamblocker.conf and recent builds of Exim? I’m getting tired of running a six year old version of this software, switches and variables I expect to work don’t 😉 but I’ll put up with that if spam doesn’t get blocked with the latest versions!