mod_evasive and apache 2.4.x

I am soon about to upgrade to apache 2.4.x. However after searching, it seems to me that mod_evasive is not compatble with apache 2.4.x – can anybody confirm that?

Here is the official mod_evasive page:

I found this wich seems to be a fix to make it work on apache 2.4.x:…ras.cvs/754632 – because it is Fedora, maybe it would work on CentOS too, I don’t know.

I wonder what everybody else does when upgrading to apache 2.4.x? Do you remove mod_evasive? I am currently running apache 2.2.23 and CSF and mod_evasive. I am thinking that I might not really need mod_evasive, maybe it is enough with CSF?