I’ve broken something but not sure what


Sorry if posted in the wrong section, I think it fits here but not 100% sure…

On my server I use a few php includes to pull content from text files (on my server) and insert that content in other pages. I use the following code to achieve this

PHP Code:


// specify directory

$directory "/path/to/directory";

    // make a list of text file paths in directory

if ($handle opendir($directory)) {

        while (
false !== ($file readdir($handle))) {

            if (
$file != "." && $file != ".." && preg_match("/\.txt$/",$file)){

$file_paths[] = $directory."/".$file;






// randomize the file path list



// and select the first path

$textfile $file_paths[0];


// do something with selected path such as output the contents...

echo file_get_contents($textfile);        


This was working fine and all was good. However, a few days back I formatted the server and reinstalled direct admin. Now when I run the above code I get a blank page, no content is pulled even if I just set up a test directory. If I used <php></php> at the start and end instead of <? then the code just breaks. All the server settings are as they were previously so that should be fine. PHP and Open Base are turned off on all domains. When I rebuilt DA I selected option 3 from the 3 build choices menu. Would that have made any difference?

Any help would be most welcome please, I have tested everything I think it could be but still not success.