SSL CSR Not being generated correctly


I’m working on renewing my SSL certificate.

I went to the SSL screen and selected create a certificate request.

I selected 2048 bits because that is what is now required by rapidssl to generate the other codes.

When I pasted it into their CSR box, it got rejected with the following error

"Your CSR contains a key size that is no longer considered secure. Security best practices require a minimum key size of 2048 bits. Please submit a new CSR with a minimum 2048 bit key size."

Any thoughts on how to solve this?

I’m running
DirectAdmin 1.33.6
Apache 1.3.41


As an aside, I went to to generate a 2048 bit CSR. This one worked fine at rapidssl but when I inserted the CSR/key they generated into DA, it would not store it so it proved to be a dead end.