da-tomcat plugin not working


I’ve recently purchased da-tomcat plugin, but it doesn’t work anymore. When I access tomcat manager on user level on the system I get the following error:
Error: The local license key is invalid for this location.

When I remove the license.key file from /usr/local/directadmin/plugins/tomcat/include I get the following error when I access the tomcat manager on user level:
Error: Invalid Access Attempt

This seems to be a license key issue, but I’m not sure how I should get the correct license. In the howto describing the installation the following info is given:

3, The first time that someone accesses the User-level, a Local License Key file (key.php) will be sent to you via email with subject "Important Licensing Information Attached". You can always download the local key in the Client Area if you miss the email.
Once you have retrieved the Local License Key, upload it to /usr/local/directadmin/plugins/tomcat/include

I didn’t receive this email and I don’t know to what address it will be sent. The link to the client area returns a 404 file not found error. The customer area shows the license key, but if I use that one in the license.key file I encounter the following error:
Error: The local license key has been tampered with or is invalid.

There is no other license information on their website in the customer area.
I opened 2 support tickets for 2 servers, but there is no reaction from their side. They have a forum but it is not possible to register, that is why I’m starting a thread here. I hope somebody knows how to regenerate the license.key file. Or how I can remove the da-plugin and reinstall it, atlhough I doubt that this will solve the issue.

On admin level the da-tomcat license shows as "Active" in green.

Any help would be appreciated.