Directadmin 1.42.0 – Release Candidate 1


DirectAdmin 1.42.0 Release Candidate 1 is now ready for testing.
There are many new features and fixes in this release.

The full list of changes can be found in the versions system

  1. CustomBuild 2.0 BETA with mod_ruid2 by default, but supporting php-fpm. Template changes, Safemode changes
  2. TTL to the DNS Admin
  3. Backup ID and timestamps added to backup results
  4. /mask when adding IPv6 IPs
  5. Per-DA-User mail limit (requires v.10)
  6. Per-Email mail limit (requires v.10)
  7. |PACKAGE| Token for all dns_*.conf templates.
  8. Load Spike Notice pre/ scripts to allow custom actions on high load.
  9. Automatic unblock for BFM, after X minutes
  10. Per-Service memory usage display on Services Monitor page
  11. Important changes for command line created database backups

Plus many other changes. See the full list for more info.

More minor features may be added before the stable version of 1.42.0 is released.

To install this release candidate now, use this guide:

Full release of 1.42.0 is estimated to be on November 4th, 2012, but this may change if bugs are found.