kernel: php-cgi segfault at

Dear Supporters, I recently see some messages like this in error log: Code: Oct 21 18:24:50 mydomain kernel: php-cgi[18817]: segfault at 000000000000000b rip 00000000007246f9 rsp […] Read More

BFM scanning interval

I tried to find information about the scanning interval in BFM but it seems that it doesn’t excists as configuration setting. I am wondering how […] Read More

Problem with RAM

could you tell me how can I know which software is running on my VPS by touch a command? because my VPS had install Directadmin,ClamAV […] Read More

Restore Backup

Yesterday we started restore from an account at 11PM. Only thing we forgot the there was an cronjob which create new backup at 1 AM. […] Read More