courier 0.63 to Dovecot migration

Hello, i have a mail server running courier 0.63 with the maildir structure



and Dovecot structure


— new
— subscriptions
— tmp
— dovecot.index.cache dovecot.index.log dovecot.mailbox.log dovecot-uidlist dovecot-uidvalidity dovecot-uidvalidity.4fe0c1d4

Now i would like to move the mail from existing server to new server. I did read the instructions @ this page and according to this i can run the script to preserving IMAP UIDs and POP3 UIDLs. But could someone please detail the steps i need to follow a successful migration.

1) change in dovecot config file for handling .Somefolder
2) So technically can i zip the content of current mail folder after running the said script and expand in Maildir in new server.
3) Do i need to reset file permissions in new server.

Anything else that needs to be taken care of, Thanks.