DirectSlave – solution to add and remove zones on slave without DirectAdmin

+ listen to tcp 2222 and imitates DirectAdmin /CMD_API_DNS_ADMIN (port can be changed in config)
+ acts as daemon with given uid/gid (bind (53), for example) for security & access to named.conf reason (named.conf is not system named.conf, just include from it)
+ no need for rsh/rsync
+ configurable via single config file (uid gid logs and many other things)
+ can serve parallel requests from about 10 servers (I wasn’t tested a high-load, because I don’t have so many DA servers
+ acts as master or slave mode (slave = just write named.conf entry for zone, master = writes named.conf entry & zone.db itself)

– no rc.d file (correct this in nearest time
– still old good perl, needs for CPAN-installed modules

Tested on FreeBSD and Ubuntu 12.04.

Do not forget to read README.

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